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[Photos] Alex's Birthday Party, Sat 4th Mar 2017

Alex's 40th birthday in 2017 was celebrated with grand event at the Exhibitionist Hotel, South Kensington, a boutique hotel combined with a modern art gallery. The first part of the event was a superhero LARP (almost resulting in the destruction of Crescent City), which was followed by an in-and-out-of-costume party in the bar and reception areas of the hotel. I was there for the party part of the evening, and took a few photos of friends in costume, as both heroes and villains, and applied some filters to some of them for added cartoon-effect goodness.

(The hotel staff seemed to cope pretty admirably with the assorted costumed folk roaming their bar, reception, and other areas. Some of the guests were slightly perplexed, though, but the staff managed to handle that confusion.)

Alex as Beast

Alex's Party Alex's Party

Alex's Party

Alex's Party Beast at Alex's Party

40s Poison Ivy at Alex's Party

Black Widow at Alex's Party

X-Men at Alex's Party

John Steed at Alex's Party

Tharg The Mighty at Alex's Party

Rest of gallery here