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Photos of Abkhazia

For those who like photos of abandoned places, here are some taken by French photographer Aurélien Villette of Abkhazia, recognised as an independent state by Russia, while almost everyone else considers it still a part of Georgia. The photos show ruined and abandoned buildings, one series focussing on those from the 1950s.

Gallery on LensCulture

(The HDR is a bit over-the-top on some of them for my tastes, mind. One side effect of which is the tendency, as with many HDR images, to appear computer-generated - as if scenes from the game Syberia (for fans of which, it should be pointed out that Syberia III is due out later this year.)

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Syberia 3! Excellent!

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Yep. Even if some of the puzzles were cases of pixel-hunting (that damn icicle in the ice caves being the most flagrant example).