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Currently reading ... Paul Cornell's 'Shadow Police' series (I've just finished the first, and have pretty immediately started the second).

They're dark, they're scary, and they're gripping. Supernatural police procedurals, but considerably darker than many in that genre seem to aim for. For those familiar with the 'Rivers Of London' books, imagine how terrifying those would have got if Nightingale and the Folly weren't around, and the cops were trying to deal with the occult without any actual knowledge. Or defences. Yeah. [wince]

In London Falling, the first of the books, there's a unit working on a case that's going nowhere, and is rapidly running out of budget and likely to be wound up. And then it gets ... messy.

I'll not say more, to avoid spoilers, but there are a bunch of interesting characters and seriously nasty folk, all well-written in a way that keeps you turning the pages.

(On a scale where 'Dresden Files' are akin to 'Castle', these are more in the line of 'Taggart' or 'Luther'. You have been warned. Damn good, though.)
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Grim Meathook Now, basically (well, "Grim Magic Meathook Now").

Maybe "it is Asher's Polity compared to Banks's Culture"?
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I loved those books. Just at my upper limit of tolerably scary.
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So glad you're enjoying them! Chalk is also an excellent novel,, very weird.
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I bounced off the first of these really strongly, but know enough people who's opinions I generally trust who rate them, I should try again. I think it was starting with the characters under cover, so I had a really hard time keeping track of who was who, and thus lost interest before it got to any of the supernatural stuff...