June 5th, 2016

dancefloorlandmine: DJing at B-Movie Nov 04 (DJ)
Sunday, June 5th, 2016 05:33 pm
Last night there was a fundraising concert for The Queer Alternative at Electrowerkz, raising money for our PRIDE attendance.

With doors opening at 8pm, we had three bands, and DJ Wanderlust and myself behind the decks, providing tunes in the intervals (also known as "while people were at the bar"). Opening band were CTRL ALT DEL, then Last July, with Die Kur closing. Before the doors opened, we were asked whether we would like to run on into the night, with the floor becoming the goth floor. (Previous events I've been part of on the top floor have had the floor closed down when the event was over, rather than continuing under the main Slimelight brand.) So, when Die Kur left the stage at midnight, Wanderlust and I continued as Slimelight DJs - as a result, I can now tick off the "DJ'd at Slimelight" box on my DJing CV. One punter did come up as I was heading off, saying that I should do it more often - although I had had to remember how to DJ to goth clubs, after a few years of Club Shenanigans' wider musical remit ...

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here's what I played ...

Interval set )

Slimelight 0000-0030 )

Slimelight 0200-0300 )