June 30th, 2017

dancefloorlandmine: (Gigs)
Friday, June 30th, 2017 05:33 pm
Back in May, I headed up to the Dublin Castle in Camden for an eclectic evening put on by BugBear. Unfortunately, traffic meant that I arrived just as the second band were leaving the stage. The Dublin Castle has a comfortable front bar, and then a double-door at the back corner leads into a dark venue. (And I know that this is a common complaint of photographers, but it was really rather a dark venue - which is why a large number of the photos are in black-and-white, as I switched to that to cope with the lighting.)

The first band that I managed to catch were Near Death Experience, an experienced four-piece rock band. They were followed by Amongst Animals, a youthful three-piece indie rock act from North London. And then the evening's headliner, Alixandrea Corvyn (with her backing band, dubbed the Corvynistas). Alixandrea may be better known to some as the vocalist with Last July, and has also provided vocals for Rhombus, among other acts. As a solo project, she performs covers, giving an extra spoonful of gothic to tracks that often started on the cusp of goth. Unfortunately, one of the band had to be substituted at the last minute, but, other than a very occasional "Which key are we doing this in?" query before songs, you could hardly see the join.

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Near Death Experience

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Amongst Animals

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Alixandrea Corvyn

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