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2017-08-17 06:42 pm
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[DJing/Setlist] BiCon 2017, Leeds, Sat 12th August 2017

On Saturday 12th, I loaded the car and set course for Leeds, as I'd volunteered to do a DJ set for BiCon 2017. Arrival, loadout, help set up the venue, shower, change, back down in time for the ball (with thanks for Fred for feeding me, as I'd missed a step in my plans!), enjoy sets by Katy and Lucy of DJ Frabjous, and then onto the decks. The venue was, to say the least, quite warm. OK, it was baking up there on the stage, and I was dripping by about half an hour into my set. Although that may also have had something to do with the stage being large enough to dance properly behind the decks.

The ball's theme was 'A Beach Ball', resulting in some varied decorations (and some remote-controlled helium fish), and some inspired costumes (which included the first time I'd seen a beach hut waltz to 'The Impossible Dream').

With the planned end of my set coming up, the organiser re-arranged the schedule so I could keep going for another half hour. And then the bar staff announced that they'd be open for longer than we'd thought they would be, and I could add another half hour (which explains the slight false stop and the sudden grab for any CD to keep things going).

So, what did I play for two, no, two-and-a-half, no, three hours? (Some of the tracks were drawn from, or in other cases, vaguely influenced by, the extensive crowd-sourced Spotify request list that attendees had added to in advance - although quite a few of those might have got played anyway. Others were entirely my fault.)

2200-0100 )

And thank you to the dancefloor, for trusting their DJ, and keeping going to tracks they'd probably not encountered before, like Heartsrevolution or Ferocious Dog.
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2017-08-07 11:04 am
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Random RPG concept generator

This really does generate game concepts that look suspiciously real.

Random RPG Generator
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2017-08-05 11:46 pm
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(no subject)

Travel recommendations from (in 2016) ... fictional destinations.
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2017-07-28 01:12 am

(no subject)

This is quite an interesting and convoluted tale ...

The Hijacking of the Brillante Virtuoso
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2017-07-12 08:43 pm
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"Cede No Ground"

An interesting blog post from a fan of black metal, neofolk, and oi! genres - all genres that seem to have a certain attraction for fascists. The author also doesn't like fascists, and doesn't want to abandon their preferred music genres to fascists. For a number of reasons, although this is one;

"We shouldn’t let nazis have nice things."

'Cede no ground to fascists'
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2017-07-12 08:38 pm
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New Yorker copy-editor vs. A Trump speech or two

See the brave hero do battle!

On this page, after an initial explanation of the punctuation splurge that accompanies Donald Trump, Jr.,'s name when it appears in the pages of the New Yorker, there is a video in which that publication's copy-editor makes a brave attempt to turn a couple of Trump speeches into something that might resemble language, without changing the notice. He makes, let us say, a few changes.

Brave, brave, soul.
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2017-07-07 10:50 pm
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McMansion Hell

Thanks to '99% Invisible', I found a link to this site - McMansion Hell, reviewing some of the somewhat architecturally-confused buildings that have cropped up across the US as an expression of ostentatious homebuilding.

For example ... "I feel like someone named Margaret sleeps in this bed and she has never seen the ocean nor the city ... Little House on the Prairie was not intended for use as an interior decorating guide."
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2017-07-07 10:45 pm

(no subject)

A great steaming catalogue of online oops moments ...

'So, that time you told J K Rowling why Snape died ...'
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2017-06-30 05:33 pm
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[Gigs/Photos] Alixandrea Corvyn @ Dublin Castle, Camden, 2017 05 04

Back in May, I headed up to the Dublin Castle in Camden for an eclectic evening put on by BugBear. Unfortunately, traffic meant that I arrived just as the second band were leaving the stage. The Dublin Castle has a comfortable front bar, and then a double-door at the back corner leads into a dark venue. (And I know that this is a common complaint of photographers, but it was really rather a dark venue - which is why a large number of the photos are in black-and-white, as I switched to that to cope with the lighting.)

The first band that I managed to catch were Near Death Experience, an experienced four-piece rock band. They were followed by Amongst Animals, a youthful three-piece indie rock act from North London. And then the evening's headliner, Alixandrea Corvyn (with her backing band, dubbed the Corvynistas). Alixandrea may be better known to some as the vocalist with Last July, and has also provided vocals for Rhombus, among other acts. As a solo project, she performs covers, giving an extra spoonful of gothic to tracks that often started on the cusp of goth. Unfortunately, one of the band had to be substituted at the last minute, but, other than a very occasional "Which key are we doing this in?" query before songs, you could hardly see the join.

As usual, photos free to use - please credit Simon Landmine.

Near Death Experience

Sample photos behind cut )

Amongst Animals

Sample photos behind cut )

Alixandrea Corvyn

Sample photos behind cut )

All Near Death Experience photos

All Amongst Animals photos

All Alixandrea Corvyn photos
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2017-06-19 05:07 pm
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Cooling the tube?

An interesting article about temperatures in the tube tunnels, and approaches to reduce them.

One interesting note is that the tube tunnels used to be a lot cooler, but the clay around them, a highly effective insulator, has, over the years, pretty much reached its thermal capacity.
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2017-06-18 07:42 pm

Ever wondered how high Roman taxi fares might get?

This may be of interest to some people - the ORBIS project. ORBIS is "The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World" - a tool that allows you to calculate how long it would take, and how much it would cost, to move between one location and another.

The current version is here, but there is a pop-up warning that it works best with Chrome or Safari. (Presumably Firefox is so uncommon that it is unsupported?) You can either go ahead anyway, or switch to the old version.

(May also be of interest to anyone running a Roman-era RPG.)
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2017-06-12 04:13 pm
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[DJing/Setlist] Lazlar Lyricon III, Stoke-on-Trent, Sat 10th Jun 2017

And so, the second night of Lazlar Lyricon III. The previous programme item, a fan-made Live-Action Knightmare morphed fairly smoothly into a table magic demonstration (for which I provide background music), and then, as the last trick finished, I kicked in the main music ...

2245-0200 )

(As a DJ it's always nice when ...
1. People request a song that you've just queued up as the next track.
2. People request a song about which you'd been thinking "I wonder if anyone would go for ..."
3. People take a chance and stay on the dancefloor for a song you're pretty certain they won't have heard before.)
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2017-06-12 03:36 pm
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[DJing/Setlist] Lazlar Lyricon III, Stoke-on-Trent, Fri 9th Jun 2017

A four-hour set on the evening after a surprise General Election? That sounds like an excellent idea. As usual with conventions, there were a range of music tastes to cater for, and a couple of times I found myself kicking myself for not having brought a couple of CD that were requested. However, I think I mostly managed to substitute something sufficiently similar to keep the requester happy - if I do another, I'll need to bring an even more eclectic selection. As at some other events, the beginning was quite a slow start, with most people either napping, eating, or getting started in the bar, which meant that part of it was providing background music to a couple sat chatting at the other end of the room (I did ask if they had any requests - they didn't). It also seemed that it was the rock fans who stayed up the latest, which meant that the final part of the set ended up fairly metal.

2200-0200 )
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2017-05-22 07:27 pm
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[Snork] Museum 404s

Unsurprisingly, some museum websites have quite imaginative, and/or humorous, 404 pages ...

Some examples ...
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2017-05-22 01:02 pm
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[Music] World Goth Day

Today is, once again, World Goth Day. So now you know.

As a result of this, the papers are full of photos of emos and spookykids, and the occasional article asking "what happened to the goths", and "12 things you'll recognise if you were a goth in the 90s". However, filtering through all of this there is some common thread of the gothic, and some articles asking "where did they come from" (although few asking "if you're a goth, where were you when we sacked Rome?").

Among these, the METRO put together a list of "the top 13 goth songs from the 80s", together with links to the videos. You may disagree with their definition of "top 13" and the order in which they're placed, but there are definitely some fine tunes here ...

13 - Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild
12 - The Mission - Tower Of Strength
11 - Love And Rockets - So Alive
10 - Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus
09 - The Damned - Anything
08 - The Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion
07 - The Birthday Party - Release The Bats
06 - Joy Division - Transmission
05 - Siouxsie & The Banshees - Night Shift
04 - The Cult - Rain
03 - Bauhaus - She's In Parties
02 - The Cure - A Forest
01 - The Sisters Of Mercy - Alice

Original listicle, with video links, is here.
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2017-05-18 08:19 pm
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[Snork] Lessons taught by British folk songs.

It's an old one, but a good one.

  • If a former significant other turns up unexpectedly after a long absence, don’t throw yourself into his/her arms right away.
  • That goes double if they refuse to eat anything.
  • Triple if they turn up at night and want you to leave with them immediately.

And the rest are here.
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2017-05-11 09:59 pm
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Currently reading ... Paul Cornell's 'Shadow Police' series (I've just finished the first, and have pretty immediately started the second).

They're dark, they're scary, and they're gripping. Supernatural police procedurals, but considerably darker than many in that genre seem to aim for. For those familiar with the 'Rivers Of London' books, imagine how terrifying those would have got if Nightingale and the Folly weren't around, and the cops were trying to deal with the occult without any actual knowledge. Or defences. Yeah. [wince]

In London Falling, the first of the books, there's a unit working on a case that's going nowhere, and is rapidly running out of budget and likely to be wound up. And then it gets ... messy.

I'll not say more, to avoid spoilers, but there are a bunch of interesting characters and seriously nasty folk, all well-written in a way that keeps you turning the pages.

(On a scale where 'Dresden Files' are akin to 'Castle', these are more in the line of 'Taggart' or 'Luther'. You have been warned. Damn good, though.)
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2017-05-11 11:12 am
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[DJing/Setlist] Karen's Birthday, The Astronomer, Liverpool St, Sat 6th May 2017

DJ traumahound and I were asked to DJ for Karen's 40th birthday party this weekend. We were downstairs at The Astronomer on Middlesex Street, which has undergone rather a change since it was the Shooting Star (final resting place of Club Vagabonds) - they've completely re-arranged everything, and added some rather fine booths around the walls (with separate power points and individual dimmer switches - fancy!). Hooked our decks into the venue's built-in speakers, dimmed the lights, and set to ...

Early sets were intentionally a bit mellower, as people were still arriving, getting food, etc, but later we both had people accusing us of trying to kill them (with a combination of requests, birthday girl picks, and our usual taste), and it seemed like a general success. (With a notable moment when it took one guest six minutes to recognise that we were playing his band's song. And he's the singer.)

Setlists )
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2017-05-10 02:22 pm
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[DJing/Setlist] The 80s Night, Whitby Goth Weekend, Sun 23rd Apr 2017

This time around The 80s Night was moved across the road from our previous venue to RAW Nightclub - bigger bar, bigger sound system, club lights, bigger dancefloor, and the return of my co-DJ, Kat ([personal profile] retrokitty). Also, an even sturdier booth to make it even less likely I'd endanger the punters with my dancing as well as our music.

Ours was the first act in a three-part night - The 80s Night, followed by a rather good Gary Numan tribute band, and then an alternative club night to complete the night.

The evening also saw the welcome resurgence of the (in)famous queue, much to the confusion of the bar staff.

Setlist )
¹ And, at this point, we were asked if there was aircon. There was, and it was already running.
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2017-04-08 04:22 pm
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(no subject)

It looks as if, not unexpectedly, the LJ evacuation is continuing apace.

Especially not unexpected, given that the binding version of the new Terms of Service is only available in Russian. And the English translation, while not apparently the binding version, is not exactly encouraging. Even if it's not at all clear where those with paid or permanent accounts sit, given the "this does not apply to paid accounts" bit at the bottom. Which bits don't apply to paid accounts? Who knows. Will we ever find out? Doubtful.

I'll quite likely be deleting my LJ soon, once everything is remigrated over here. DW has been my primary posting home for quite some time anyway, with LJ as a mirror. Looks like it's time to board over that mirror - as any fantasy fan knows, 'things' can look back through mirrors, and sometimes crawl through.

So, yeah, if you're an LJ escapee, feel free to dock your lifepod to the outer hatch, and come on in. We've got some blue milk in the galley, we're working on the passcode for that big locked door in the hold, and everything's shiny.

(That's three different series sorted ...)