November 15th, 2016

dancefloorlandmine: DJing at B-Movie Nov 04 (DJ)
Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 02:31 pm
This weekend I headed up to Darlington, to help Lisa and Greig celebrate their wedding anniversary, by playing an assortment of music at their guests until they went away. I was warned that this could take some time (especially if I played their requests), and so it proved ...

The venue, Voodoo, was a pretty cool (and surprisingly extensive) bar in town - a single shop-front bar at street level, opening up by way of a decorated staircase to a labyrinthine series of bar and restaurant rooms, ending up at a large function room. Unfortunately, being so soon after Whitby, the dreaded Whurgy¹ took its toll on the guest list, but a number of people (and an inflatable tyrannosaur) managed to struggle through and make it to the field of balloons on the dancefloor.

The owner being a friend of Lisa and Greig's, the night went on for some time - from half eight until three in the morning - by which time all of the balloons had been burst, the inflatable tyrannosaur had been disassembled into separate body parts (some of which were disconcertingly used for guitar mime), and then reconfigured several times (watching the head drift across the ceiling with a single arm hanging below it was ... odd), and the amplifier had overheated, cut out, and been restarted with the aid of a large portable fan.

Setlist (it's a long one!) )

¹ Whitby Lurgy - a notably infectious plague that cuts through the alternative community twice a year
² And they did
³ There was a birthday, too