March 8th, 2017

dancefloorlandmine: DJing at B-Movie Nov 04 (DJ)
Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 12:09 pm
A line-up reshuffle forced by a clash with AntiChrist opened up a slot in the roster for Club 80s, as one of the regulars was off providing tunes to the folks at AC. So Ben generously offered me the open slot.

The LHT Urban Bar how has an understated wood and brown-painted brick exterior (there's only a tiny sliver of the former infamous tiger-striped paintwork visible between it and the neighbouring property). Downstairs is bare bricks and stripped floorboards, with low lighting, round tables, and busy, but not overcrowded, on a Friday evening. Upstairs is the function room - a decent size, with pews providing seating around the edges, a dancefloor, a medium-sized stage with lightbar over, and a good-sized DJ booth next to the mosaic-covered bar (with reasonable cider on tap). (Parking, however, is challenging, this being Whitechapel and next to the hospital, but I lucked out, and spotted a car vacating a spot within eyesight of the bar just as I approached, so quickly nipped in. Public transport is pretty decent, though.)

Musically, Reza and Ben at Club 80s cover both mainstream 80s and the darker, more alternative, electronic, and/or B-side end. I provided my usual approach to the 80s, but following the crowd (who were enthusiastic users of the request sheets laid out at the start), dropped the rock/metal end off.

A good fun night at a good venue.

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